Green Air Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier - LuLu

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Green Air Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier - LuLu

New GreenAir animal diffusers like Lulu give kids the health benefits of misting aromatic essential oils with adorable animal designs. All Creature Comfort diffusers humidify dry rooms giving your girl or boy the amazing benefits of cool air and moist aromatic mist. This little ducky makes diffusing lots of fun! Your kids will love LuLu the Duck from the Creature Comforts line of diffusers. Children will want to enjoy essential oils often and it's the perfect accessory in the kid's room. For convenience, you can you can attach almost any plastic water bottle to turn the whimsical diffuser into an excellent humidifier. Provide your kids with the benefits of essential oils with their very own LuLu.

• 2-in-1 Diffuser and Humidifier

• Convenient and Durable

• Kid Friendly